Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation

The Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation is a foundation near and dear to our hearts.  In memory of my granddaughter, Layla, who passed away 3 days after her birth in May 2014, from a rare heart disease associated with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.  The CdLS Foundation provides support to families affected by CdLS and helps raise awareness and educate the community about this rare genetic syndrome.  All proceeds from our Logo clothing goes to the CdLS Foundation.


Gilda's Club

Gilda's club is a non-profit support community for people living with cancer, their families and friends.  Individuals and families receive information, guidance, laughter, and most importantly the support they need to live their lives with cancer , whatever the outcome, at no cost.  Join us on Tuesday's at Gilda's club at 12:30 for an hour of complimentary Pilates.